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Favourite food:

Anything the King likes. Gunther wants to model himself on anyone who is wealthy or powerful. So Gunther would never admit to liking the simple food of the townsfolk (which he does.) Instead, he pretends to like expensive foods like black truffles and swan, both of which he hates.

Favourite song:

Gunther like comedy songs, especially about knights. And he is secretly writing some of his own. He’s quite good at it and is writing one at the moment called:
‘The halter polka’.

The first verse is:

We are Knight’s of the Guard,
We are tough and we are hard,

When we rattle into battle
We can terrify the cattle.
We can down a dozen flagon,
We can joust with any dragon.

But when we get the chance,
We like to dance.

Favourite pastime:

Sleeping. Gunther works very hard doing chores for his father and practising to be a knight. So more that anything else, when he gets a free moment to himself Gunther likes to catch up on his beauty sleep.

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