Favourite food:
Mashed potato. Pepper loves mashed potato because it is easy to make and everybody loves it. If she has some spare butter she will mash it in to make the potatoes extra creamy.

Favourite song:
Pepper loves music, especially dance music. Her favourite ballad is ‘The Green Rose’ which tells of the most beautiful red rose in a garden who became jealous when a tall red poppy grew higher that she did. She was so jealous that she strained and strained to grew taller and pushed the green colour from her leaves up into her petals.

Favourite pastime:
If she has any spare time Pepper loves sculpting pastry into interesting pictures to bake on her pies. Instead of simple leaves she will make whole flower gardens from pastry.

NOTE: The species of verbena that Pepper’s mother was given as scented oil was an old variety that only grows in East Africa. A trader brought some to the wharf one day. It is called Lippia adoensis. As well as using it in oil it is used as a culinary spice in Ethiopia, where it is known by the Amharic name koseret.